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Yoga for PCOS project
(July– August 2020)

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The PCOS yoga reversal course is a step-by-step process of lifestyle changes, modifications and changes to diet, and a routine of exercise put in place to reverse PCOS.

  • The protocol is based on yoga and yogic science and has no side effects.

  • The course is spread over 5 weeks.

  • It is expected that this time, significant positive changes will be seen.

  • We have been running this course for over nine years, and many women have benefited.

  • Some have had extraordinary results, including conception, which had failed even with IVF.

  • No prior experience of yoga is necessary.

  • We will teach everything step-by-step.

  • You will be required to follow a yoga protocol during the course.

Meet Our Expert Yoga Teachers

Get to know our certified yoga teachers who specialize in Sivananda Yoga. They bring years of experience and a passion for helping others to every class.

Discover the Benefits: What to Expect from Our PCOS Reversal Yoga Course:

As in every era, every few decades, a new monster seems to invade the human race. Currently, apart from the usual epidemics, the new raging fire is PCOS among women.

Yoga can help.


We want to introduce and welcome you to a monitored yoga course to cure PCOS. Since 2015, in Gurgaon, yoga has been used to find a solution to an “incurable” disease. 


Sivananda Yoga Centre, Gurgaon is happy to announce a two-month supervised yoga course to reverse the various manifestations and symptoms of PCOS. 


The PCOS reversal course has two distinct parts – education (knowledge about the cause and cure) and practice (yoga, diet, and lifestyle changes).


Yoga for reversing PCOS course will offer specific advice, practice, and protocol– food and diet habits and changes, the influence of matters like stress and the external environment, the impact of exercise, and routines and practices most conducive to reversing PCOS, a better way of cooking, and the influence of community, love and support, common sense, rest, traditional home remedies and wisdom – all of it will be part of this project.


Between the classes, there will be work to be done. Changes, small and big, in daily life, related to exercise, diet, and lifestyle will be suggested and implemented. There are four weeks of practicing a new way of life and taking it beyond.


This journey involves Surya Namaskar, Asana, and Pranayama, relaxation, philosophy, meditation, and yogic diet; and may include an introduction to alternative sciences like Ayurveda and Naturopathy. Each of these practices is centred on just one single theme - the idea is to find an alternative and scientific solution to PCOS, its reversal, and its cure.


WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? (The list below is based on evidence of women who have participated in the course before)


1. Reduction in hormonal imbalances

2. Regularization of menstrual cycles

3. Clearing up of acne, glowing skin

4. Reduction of pre-menstrual cramps and pain

5. Conception

6. Weight loss (if you are overweight) and inch loss

7. Better fitness, strength, stamina, flexibility, higher levels of energy

8. Reduction in mood swings, anxiety, stress

9. Better overall health

10. Improvement in all parameters – thyroid, blood sugar, blood pressure, hemoglobin, vitamin


11. Reversal of many other unrelated disorders, chronic ailments, and pain

12. Discovery of an authentic, practical, and systematic system for taking care of your health daily

PCOS Yoga Classes & Timing Offline vs Online:

PCOS Reversal Testimonials:

Got an ultrasound four days back..this time ovaries are back in shape and show normal. Left non-vegetarian; processed food.. doing regular exercise and yoga..and it is showing good results and is encouraging…Thanks for your guidance and look forward to this continuous journey…Many thanks and regards. A month to turnaround…since we last spoke…Though I joined the program last Aug it's been a month since U and I spoke in detail and got a real push, guidance …and I started taking things more seriously from a health perspective and it's showing now…

Many thanks, Arun… it just instills more trust and faith in Yoga and the system as a whole. Thankful and at times I feel I wasted so many months…but as they say better late than Never!! Looking forward to this beautiful..healthy journey and your guidance and support!

Cheers and much Regards

Prakriti Singh

Most Frequently Asked Questions Related to the PCOS Yoga:

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