Yoga during pregnancy

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We have a wonderful programme of teaching yoga during pregnancy. The practice benefits both the mother and the child. Deep breathing exercises, stretching and relaxation gives an all-round workout to the body and mind, helping not only in a healthy pregnancy, but also a safe delivery. The yoga treated new born acquires yogic samskaras of peacefulness, cooperation, cheerfulness, good health and energy. Come, try some yoga. create a wonderful, peaceful, healthy planet!

Our programme of 10 classes trains you in the five principles of good exercise, proper breathing, effective relaxation, a healthy diet and positive thinking and meditation.
Thereafter you can practice on your own.

Call ANITA for class timings, fee and other details

Get inspired – this is Jane Morrison, graduate of the yoga teachers’ training course in Almora 2011 – just a few days before she delivered Jack – in her 35th week!

Caution – do not practice without the professional advice of a doctor, and the personal supervision of an experienced yoga teacher

Jim, Jane and Jack Morrison