It would be great to meet and share experience and notes about yoga.

However, since that is not possible, specifically at this time, and more generally because of time and distances, these notes from me to you.

Please read, and share this with your family. Do allow me to make a difference and a contribution to your life.

Prevention Rather Than Cure

During this time of terrible fear and an unknown and unknowable disease, the world has been looking in the one direction of damage control, treatment and vaccine.

However, there are many people, who have a view based on ancient wisdom, modern scientific research and common sense, and have suggested a better method of dealing with the problem.

The alternative view is to proactively reduce stress and fear, de...

Yoga, personal protocols, and making a difference

(The impatient reader can skip the lengthy philosophical introduction and go directly to the first 7 of the 21 point agenda!)


Every now and then, in a 50 or 100 or 500 or 1000 year span, we are given a chance to make a difference.

It is now or never.

It is beyond anything logical or rational or within our ability to comprehend.

There comes a time, so rare, but it does come, when our intuition must guide us at the fork in the path.

It is a date with destiny.

And that time is now.

We can all make a difference, each one of us.

We can save ourselves, save our families, save our communities and save the human race.

It is that time, and it is upon us.

A once in 1000 year time.

While we, all of India, all w...

It seems like a World War out there, but it is not people of some countries fighting people of other countries, and there are no bombs or guns, no fighter aircraft, no trenches. It is the whole of the terrified human population fighting an invisible, silent, microscopic virus.

At every level we are being tested like never before, and nations are locking themselves down to shut out the spread of the disease.

Human beings have been around for thousands of years, and fought and survived incredibly difficult circumstances. They have thrived, in spite of, maybe because of those difficult times.​

Yoga and Ayurveda and traditional sciences are testimonials to man’s wisdom collected over so many experiences over the millennia.  They cull out the essential...

A monograph on the much debated topic of yoga and cancer, on health, and how, awareness and education can bring health back into our lives. For a Yoga and cancer protocol, see the end of the article.

Is there a cure for cancer?

The jury, so to speak, is out on this one, and has been for some time.

In the meanwhile, using the framework of yoga, my own personal experience and the knowledge that surrounds us and has been part of human tradition since the beginning of time, here are a few thoughts.

As someone wise said, the best way to cure cancer, is to never get it. Prevention, the old English saying goes, is better than cure.

However, this is about those who have unfortunately got cancer, or who have thankfully got remission from it.

Yoga can help peop...

We rarely think about health.

If we were to play a game called health, we would most probably lose.

It is because we rarely play this game, and we do not understand its rules, there is no training offered for this game anywhere.

And of course, there is no money, and no interest in the game called health.

It is not the World Cup of cricket, it is not the Championship otherwise called the Wimbledon. It is not the Olympics, it is definitely not the IPL.

There is no excitement, no cheerleaders, no sponsorship or support for a mundane game called health.

In fact the game called health is played only once you start losing it.

For example, a large majority of young people in their teens or early twenties, go about life, pretty much unconcerned about the body...

​​Health is wealth. Peace of mind is happiness. Yoga shows the way.

Greetings at the onset of a brand new year!

New Year?


When does a new year begin?

When do we actually say Happy New Year?

To think about it, does New Year happen only on 1 January every year?

I took some time out to reflect on this whole idea of a new year, and came up with some thoughts. Here they are.

In the deep, dark forests of the Amazon and in the unexplored wilderness of Africa, the onset of the rains, or the first blossoms on fruit trees might herald a new season, and therefore the start of a new year. That could be at any time of the year, not specifically 1 January, of course.

If you lived in China, it can be a bit confusing, because there they follow the lunisolar calen...

It is cold, I am somehow feeling really cold, as the evening sets in and the winter darkness quickly envelopes everything. I have just finished a disturbing text conversation with someone, and I am very upset, and miserable. And cold.

Harish is teaching the class tonight, and eventhough I have a couple of people to meet and counsel about their well-being, I am not in a mood for anything, not even to practice. Usually, helping people find a way is therapeutic for me, but so close to an upset, and feeling as cold as I am, I cannot thaw out.

I step into the class, my mind and body in a state of trauma.

I am in a miserable world of my own. Mostly I am talking to myself and cannot hear Harish giving instructions. The initial part of the class, the openi...

Pranayama is beneficial for everyone, in various different ways.

Who doesn’t want high levels of energy, and high immunity? Who doesn’t want a glowing skin, and radiant health?​​

Pranayama benefits have been documented not only in ancient texts, but also by modern methods of testing and analysis, as well as practitioners all over the world.​

Pranayama is excellent for young people, in the cusp of modern life, to help achievement and productivity.

It is excellent for people in middle age, to cope with stress, and give calmness of mind.

For older people, pranayama is a boon to reduce pain and stiffness, and increase vitality and well-being.

For women, pranayama balances the hormones, helps fight obesity and reduce weight, and gives mental focus and stre...

Everything cannot be explained. Or expressed. ​​

It can only be experienced.

Ever since I started practicing yoga at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Delhi, I have felt the hidden hand of a guru holding mine, and walking me through the minefield of life.

We have different words for something like this.

I could call it luck, which brought me to this kind of yoga practice.

Sometimes I would call it destiny.

At other times I would say it is instinctive wisdom, or an inherent fear, or some pain and stress which made me find the Sivananda Centre.

To be honest, I do not really know how I started practicing this special brand of yoga, how I became a Sivananda teacher, and how I spent all this time doing just one kind of sadhana, doing just one form exe...

Thinner, glowing, relaxed, pain free, light, younger, happier

Dear yoga friend and well wisher,

It is not for nothing that people have practiced yoga for thousands of years.

There are benefits.

Starting from the most basic, to the most profound.

For example.

When you (begin to) practice yoga regularly.

You start to lose weight (if you are overweight) and start to tone up. This is great because you start getting compliments. And then, with that smug smile you say– “oh I practice yoga”.

Yes, of course.

Yoga makes your metabolic activity change. It helps to increase the absorption of the good stuff, and improves the elimination of the bad stuff.

Surya namaskar improves blood circulation and increases cardio-vascular activity.

Asanas help massage the digestive...

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Yoga shows the way

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