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YOGA RETREAT - a transformative experience

introducing a programme running successfully for the past 50 years

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Yoga is a vast science. The practice of asanas, or postures, is the most commonly understood, but only one aspect of yoga.

Yoga is meant to give your life a boost, develop positive thinking, radiant health and inner peace through the practice of ancient techniques for balanced living. The yoga vacation is designed to help you develop a strong practice which can be incorporated back into your daily life at home.

Living in the ashram, following a simple, structured daily schedule, allows you to focus on yourself for one week. The term vacation usually implies doing nothing, perhaps lying on a beach. 'Yoga Vacation' because the structured schedule allows you to relax completely in a way a beach or travel holiday doesn't. All you have to do is be here, relax and participate.

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In the programme, you will have an opportunity to practice yoga asanas, relaxation, cleansing techniques called kriyas, pranayama, or the science of breath, and breath control, and guided meditation. In addition to this, you will have an opportunity to practice selfless service and be introduced to the yogic theory contained in the ancient scriptures. 

In the programme, with a specially controlled diet, fresh air, serene surroundings, a relaxed and peaceful environment, mentally and emotionally aligned gathering of like-minded people, educative lectures on yoga philosophy, highly trained teachers and guides, and the practice of pranayama, asanas and relaxation, you slowly become meditative, your health improves, and you have perception of a better way of life.

The programme gives you the methods, the knowledge and the understanding on how yoga can become a practical way of life.

This retreat, while being a wonderful holiday, offers a profound personal experience, builds a firm foundation of inner discipline. The essence of yoga is learned through a combination of repeated practice and inspirational lessons. The approach to teaching is personal, focusing on the individual student.

Among the many benefits participants report are increased strength and flexibility, greater spiritual awareness, improved power of concentration, enhanced self-esteem and a new found sense of self-discipline, through proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet, positive thinking, and meditation.

No prior experience of yoga is required. There is no age bar either. Any person, from any background, who has an interest in yoga, health, peace of mind, mental and physical well-being, and overall harmony, can participate and get all the benefits.

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