Yoga in the office/institute/locality/home

We have a yoga programme, which helps to reach out to people who cannot come to our centres.

Here are some of the modules we can do -

1. Introduction to yoga - a 60 or 90 minutes module, one off, on health, diet, and yoga, which will be a combination of talk and practice.

2. A ten day yoga intensive, Monday to Friday, one hour daily, for a group of about 25 people at a time. This is great for introducing people to yoga, to a general fitness and exercise regimen. It helps to get people moving, reduces stress and improves general well being, and brings about higher energy levels and better performance. 

3. A regular, on-going, general yoga class, either twice a week, or thrice a week, for one hour. The benefits of this programme are the same as the first module, with the added advantage that participants get a longer duration to practice with the teacher, and get more experience.

4. A specific 16 to 20 hour module spread over ten weeks, twice a week for one hour to address four specific issues that participants normally face - i) stress, ii) excess weight, iii) back pain and iv) low energy levels.

5. We do teach people at home. However, the frequency and time has to be discussed and finalized. We teach the same Sivananda class at home as well. We normally recommend coming to the Centre, since the discipline, atmosphere and presence of a group is invaluable. It is also much less expensive.

Find something for yourself, from our menu, so that you can connect with the Sivananda system, with yoga, and with good health.

We have highly trained, internationally certified teachers, who teach the system.

Please call for more details.

Arun 9810645850


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