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We have special back (and neck and anywhere along the back) therapy course coming up.

I was introduced to yoga as a way to cure my back pain, nearly 25 years ago.

It worked magically.

Then again, when, about 12 years ago, I injured my back, yoga once again helped me to slowly get back to 100 per cent fitness.

After many years of research; observing many of students who had back (and neck) pain and recovered, and my own back; reading and analyzing many points of view, both medical and other knowledge streams, I came up with some ideas.

Using yoga, I started to help people find their backs (and necks) again.

Now, the essence of that research, knowledge and experience is in a six-class back education programme.

If you wish to prevent this virus from striking, or have a chronic back or neck pain situation already, this course holds promise for you.

If you know anyone who may benefit, who has chronic back pain, this could be freedom calling.

We will meet and listen to a few people whose backs have been restored to normalcy; learn ways of addressing pain and stiffness when it is there; and once and for all, understand the cause for back pain, and how to get rid of it – forever.

The sessions will train you in - 

  • special yoga exercises

  • pranayama and the back

  • diet and lifestyle education for the back

  • the role of the mind in back pain according to yoga

  • relaxation techniques

  • possibilities in ayurveda, naturopathy and home remedies

  • modern medical understanding versus current diagnoses and treatment methods 

  • daily practice routine

  • references for further education to get freedom from back pain forever

See you in the course!

Arun Pandala

Acharya and Director,

Sivananda Yoga Centre, Gurgaon

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