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Yoga for weight loss

Yoga is very good to lose weight safely, and systematically. 

Whether you have a lot of weight to lose, or just a few kilos, yoga works very well.

In our programme in the past, people have lost anywhere between three and thirteen kilos.

Three things will be looked at -

1.    Yoga based exercises including pranayama, for toning the body, losing weight, and keeping the skin looking young and fresh.

2.    A diet plan, of changes in habit, time restricted eating, suggestions on fasting, yogic approach to more natural ways of cooking and eating.

3.       Changes of lifestyle – how a more natural lifestyle can help to lose weight, even while you eat well, and eat according to your body type.

No prior experience of yoga is needed. We will teach the basics.

Most of the things suggested are simple. 

No difficult dieting or exercise routines are required.

Most importantly, the programme offers an excuse to start or resume something really good for anyone - the practice of yoga!

Please call for fee and other details. 

For fee and other details

Menaka +91 9818990014; Anita 9811155549

“I have attended this programme for the 4th time. This time it was unique as done from home. Was sceptical about its effectiveness but it was as good as doing at the centre. Naveen was brilliant and the demonstrations were superb. It helped correct many mistakes. Lost 3 kgs and wife lost 4 kgs. Arun as usual was great. Hope to continue the journey to loose more weight and become healthy. Thank you..” 


—  Jagdish

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