Develop the warrior in you - Yoga shows the way!

It seems like a World War out there, but it is not people of some countries fighting people of other countries, and there are no bombs or guns, no fighter aircraft, no trenches. It is the whole of the terrified human population fighting an invisible, silent, microscopic virus.

At every level we are being tested like never before, and nations are locking themselves down to shut out the spread of the disease.

Human beings have been around for thousands of years, and fought and survived incredibly difficult circumstances. They have thrived, in spite of, maybe because of those difficult times.​

Yoga and Ayurveda and traditional sciences are testimonials to man’s wisdom collected over so many experiences over the millennia. They cull out the essential ways of living and of how human beings can face challenges like the present one, and triumph over them.

Yoga offers a practical way of taking charge of what is controllable – which is your own thoughts, feelings, desires, impulses and despairs, while offering a systematic approach to cultivating physical and mental health. In this time of great stress and confusion, yoga offers a way of relaxing the body and the mind and bringing about clarity of thought and action. Yoga also offers something precious – a promise of higher immunity and a chance to cultivate good health, whatever your age, background or situation.

Yoga develops the inherent warrior in all of us.

Let us look at the practical steps.

The practice of Savasana, or guided and progressive relaxation helps to calm the nervous system and reduce confused, impulsive, uncontrolled behavior. Deep physical relaxation gives the human body the time, the way and the ability to repair and rejuvenate itself, and turn on the powers of healing and health. Savasana is both recuperative, removing tiredness and tension, as well as preventive, improving the body’s innate capacity to withstand unwanted invasions. Savasana triggers better immunity by reduci