The World Cup of Health

Yogacharya Deeksha Jain in Anjeneya Asana. This posture relieves back pain; helps to stretch both the upper and lower back;, releasing pent up tension due to long hours of sitting and working on the computer; makes the spine more supple, tones and strengthens the hips and thighs, and develops concentration and balance

We rarely think about health.

If we were to play a game called health, we would most probably lose.

It is because we rarely play this game, and we do not understand its rules, there is no training offered for this game anywhere.

And of course, there is no money, and no interest in the game called health.

It is not the World Cup of cricket, it is not the Championship otherwise called the Wimbledon. It is not the Olympics, it is definitely not the IPL.

There is no excitement, no cheerleaders, no sponsorship or support for a mundane game called health.

In fact the game called health is played only once you start losing it.

For example, a large majority of young people in their teens or early twenties, go about life, pretty much unconcerned about the body and the mind. Unless it has to do with fitness, or super fitness, or excelling in sports, or developing concentration to excel in studies or at competitions.

Young people take some medicine to recover from brief illnesses that beset them from time to time.

There is no formal education on this important aspect of a person’s life.