Meditation Course

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What to expect

You may be a beginner, or an advanced practitioner. No prior experience is expected in the course. If you cannot sit on the floor, you may use a chair or sit on the bed.

We will do some light stretching exercise, like surya namaskar and a few asanas, and basic pranayama, prior to starting the meditation practice. If you cannot manage to do these, you may observe the others.

The meditation is a guided practice. All you need is your willingness, your attention, and a quiet space for about 30 minutes.

There will be questions and issues and doubts.

The beauty of meditation is that there is no better answer than to try it out, and experience all the answers for yourself!

Come, let us meditate...

Meditation is a practice as well as place. As a practice, which is what most modern people understand it to be, it is called by various names – focusing, mindfulness, introspection, reflection, concentration, relaxation, silence, and of course, meditation.

The guided meditation practice, and a way to be meditative through these eight days, is the goal of the course. We come together to sit for a while in silence, and be guided by the teacher all the eight days in class.

Thereafter, some guidance on how to take this cultivation of inner silence to the daily activities, and make it beneficial.

Human beings have meditated for thousands of years. It is something that you eventually seek, are attracted towards, and grow into. Meditation is both a path and the goal of human life.

In the course you will have an opportunity to be introduced to the 12 point guided Sivananda meditation technique.

You will also learn the role of diet, yoga, pranayama, and lifestyle on your meditation practice.

Through the eight days, you will establish a strong foundation for a lifelong meditation practice for yourself.

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