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Pranayama is beneficial for everyone, in various different ways.

Who doesn’t want high levels of energy, and high immunity? Who doesn’t want a glowing skin, and radiant health?

Pranayama benefits have been documented not only in ancient texts, but also by modern methods of testing and analysis, as well as practitioners all over the world.

Pranayama is excellent for young people, in the cusp of modern life, to help achievement and productivity.

It is excellent for people in middle age, to cope with stress, and give calmness of mind.

For older people, pranayama is a boon to reduce pain and stiffness, and increase vitality and well-being.

For women, pranayama balances the hormones, helps fight obesity and reduce weight, and gives mental focus and strength.

For men, pranayama is good for chronic stiffness and pain, boosting energy levels, better sleep, and overall sharpness, focus, performance and well-being.

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The benefits of pranayama?

  1. reduces stress

  2. calms the mind

  3. heals the tissues

  4. reduces pain

  5. improves immunity

  6. helps in all breathing disorders

  7. burns fat (aids weight loss)

  8. improves concentration

  9. strengthens the nerves

  10. improves sleep

  11. increases energy

  12. improves lung capacity

  13. improves digestion and aids assimilation

  14. helps in detoxification

  15. purifies blood and all internal organs

  16. activates the endocrine glands

  17. helps in the fighting of illness

  18. increases metabolic rate

  19. reduces catabolic activity (decay and degeneration)

  20. increases anabolic activity (rejuvenation)

  21. good to fight depression

  22. brings about mental, emotional and physical balance

  23. excellent for the brain

  24. brings a glow to the face and a shine to the skin

  25. efficient and simple to practice

  26. requires limited time, space and effort

  27. can be adopted by anyone and everyone

  28. sustainable under all conditions, seasons and circumstances

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yoga shoot 25 december 2007 - Anuloma Viloma
yoga shoot 25 december 2007- Anuloma Viloma - right nostril
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yoga shoot 25 december 2007 - chin mundra
pranayama course anuloma viloma practice
pranayama course holding the breath position
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pranayama course sitting posture
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