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Yoga for PCOD PCOS cure


The PCOS reversal course is a step-by-step process of lifestyle changes, modifications and changes to diet, and a routine of exercise put in place to reverse PCOS.

The entire protocol is based on yoga and yogic science, and therefore has no side effects.

The course is spread over 4 weeks.

It is expected that in this time, significant positive changes will be seen.

We have been running this course for over eight years, and many women have benefited.

Some have had extraordinary results, including conception, which had failed even with IVF.
No prior experience of yoga is necessary.
We will teach everything step-by-step.

You will be required to follow a yoga protocol during the course.

The PCOS reversal course is being taught by very senior teachers of the Sivananda Yoga Centre, Gurgaon, mentored by the Director of SYCG, Yoga Acharya Arun Pandala.

For more details: 


call  DYUTIMA  +91 9811855855; ARUN +91 9810645850

Women attending the yoga for pcos lecture
Some testimonials from the participants of yoga for pcos pcod cure course


Hello everyone. I am Ramalpreet, a full time dental practitioner and a homemaker. Last month my four-monthly follow up of blood reports and USG confirmed that my PCOS has been treated. I have all the more reasons to believe and as Arun Sir affirms that Sivananda style of yoga reverses all diseases. So here goes my story:
I got diagnosed with PCOD in June 2015.
With my firm belief and past experiences with yoga at SYCG, I Joined the SYCG PCOS programme on 16 August 2015.
So I did the regular yoga class at the Centre (3-4 times a week).
I consciously did a lot of stress management on all fronts of life. Took help and did not hesitate to open myself up to  seek solutions, As PCOD has a lot to do with stress too. I enjoy my yoga class as it brings me closer to myself and makes me highly aware of my being. It relaxes me even after a hectic day of work. I come out happier and feeling more energetic. Realizing the holistic benefits of the class with regular inputs from the teachers, i want to keep coming regularly. Heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers, Arun sir and Dr.Anjali for their never ending guidance.
–  Ramalpreet Kaur


Got an ultrasound four days back..this time ovaries are back in shape n shows normal. Left non-vegetarian; processed food.. doing regular exercise and yoga..and it is showing good results and is encouraging…Thanks for your guidance and really look forward to this continuous journey…Many thanks n regards. A month to turnaround…since we last spoke…Though i joined the program last Aug but its been a month since U and I spoke in detail and got a real push, guidance …and I started taking things more seriously from a health perspective and its showing now…
Many thanks Arun…n it just instills more trust , faith in Yoga and the system as a whole..Really thankful and at times I feel I wasted so many months…but as they say better late than Never!! Looking forward to this beautiful..healthy journey and your guidance and support!
Cheers n much Regards
– Prakriti Singh


I know it is quite late but would like to share the happiness i got when i consulted Dr Anjali today where we discussed about my latest blood reports. As per Dr. There is an improvement and she found me much better in visibility as well. My tsh levels along with the other important monitoring tests showed positive results. I started my journey with PCOS study with Dr. Anjali and Sivananda in November 2015. Have been doing yoga regularly atleast 3-4 times a week. Have been eating a lot of fruits and salads. Have cut down the intake of milk n milk products by 70%. My profession, being a food reviewer, dont allow me to totally avoid the processed food eating, but now i make sure to do only 2-3 events per week and that too where i just try have 1 bite of each dish… Have not attended much of the pcos meetings (did only one in jan) but i am thankful to Arun sir, Anjali mam, Namita (silver oaks center head) and Subhani for continously following and giving me the positivity that it can be reversed. Thanks Sivananda yoga
– Priyanka



Dear Arun,
Dheeraj n myself are very happy to share with you that we have been blessed with a baby boy recently. Both baby and myself have been doing good and are in good health.
We would like to convey our thanks to You, the entire Shivananda teaching fraternity as well as to Dr. Anjali Kumar for this beautiful moment in our lives.
I got associated with Sivananda Yoga in 2015 and joined for PCOD program around Jan 2016.  I concretely remember your emphasis on joining the classes on a daily basis alongside some changes in diet plan during one of your sessions.
I conceived around March Ist week and this was really a miracle for me as we had been losing our hopes after struggling with doctors for last 5 years or so.
Further, Dr. Anjali’s calmness and positivity has always provided an added edge of comfort to me during my pregnancy. On a loving note, Dr. Anjali calls my baby as Yoga baby.
Thanks a lot again for bringing Yoga to our lives. My husband, Dheeraj will meet you soon to convey our thanks n wishes in person.
– Sakshi

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