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Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a problem affecting nearly 1 in 3 urban women today. It has many symptoms and manifestations. There is no medical cure currently for PCOS.

However, since 2015, we have been successfully tackling this problem, and have been able to reverse it as well, through our Yoga for PCOS course.

The PCOS reversal course is a step-by-step process of lifestyle changes, modifications and changes to diet, and a routine of exercise put in place to reverse PCOS.

The entire protocol is based on yoga and yogic science, and therefore has no side effects. 

The course is spread over 5 weeks.

It is expected that in this time, significant positive changes will be seen.

We have been running this course for nearly 10 years, and many women have benefited. 

Yoga is holistic in nature. Even if you don't have PCOS but want to focus on your health, or if you have other issues like endometriosis, hormonal imbalance, thyroid, hormonal imbalance, infertility or excess weight, this course is ideal for you as well.

No prior experience of yoga is necessary.
We will teach everything step-by-step.

You will be required to follow a yoga protocol during the course.



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Om Shanti

22 June - 28 July (5 weeks, 12 classes)
Saturday and Sunday

6.30 - 8.30 am IST


The PCOS reversal course has two distinct parts – EDUCATION (knowledge about the cause and cure) and PRACTICE (yoga, diet and lifestyle changes).

Yoga for reversing PCOS course will offer specific advice, practice and protocol– food and diet habits and changes, influence of matters like stress and external environment, the impact of exercise, and routines and practices most conducive to reversing PCOS, a better way of cooking, and the influence of community, love and support, common sense, rest, traditional home remedies and wisdom – all of it will be part of this project.

Between the classes, there will be work to be done. Changes, small and big, in daily life, related to exercise, diet and lifestyle will be suggested and implemented. There is five weeks of practicing a new way of life, and taking it beyond.

Each of these practices are centred on just one single theme - the idea is to find an alternative and scientific solution to PCOS, its reversal and cure.

Yoga gives clear guidelines on how a woman can recover her health.

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Raw Vegetables
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Asana practice helps to improve the functioning of the endocrine system and bring it into balance. It also helps to improve digestion, overall metabolism and absorption of nutrition into the body, thereby helping to positively change the way the body works. As they say, all diseases start in the gut. Asanas also make the body stronger, more flexible and resilient to disease. You can improve your stamina, reduce weight, and increase your immunity with regular asana practice. In the Yoga for PCOS programmes taught by SYCG, asana practice also at times includes specific postures and exercises for the reproductive system

Pranayama controls and regulates the energy in the body, and it controls and regulates our emotions, thoughts and behavior. This in turn has a profound impact on woman’s physiology. For example, the cravings associated with moods, and low energy levels disappear, to be replaced by better metabolism and higher energy. Sleep improves, and therefore the skintone, as well as the balance in the hormones. The breathing techniques, while they are quite simple, purify the blood, strengthen the nervous system and refresh the brain. There is a simple and direct correlation between the practice of pranayama and reversal of the symptoms of PCOS.

Yoga suggests a vegetarian diet. According to Nobel Prize winner Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, a vegan diet caused more than 500 genes to change in only three months, turning on genes that prevent disease and turning off genes that cause cancer, heart disease, and other diseases.

For thousands of years, Yoga has suggested the link between our food habits and the disease, pain that we have. The diet which we are commonly used to, the food which we commonly eat, can and does play and important role in the development of PCOS. If we are willing to look at our diet and actively change it, PCOS can be addressed as well.

Similarly yoga has definite protocols for cleansing (called detox in modern parlance). The cleansing techniques, called Kriyas, include Kapalabhati, Jal Neti, Sutra Neti, agnisaar, Nauli, Dhauti and Basti. They are powerful, and help to reset the entire internal system, rejuvenating and refreshing each and every organ and body part.

Finally yoga has clear guidelines on combating and reversing stress, as well as rules for avoiding conflict and dissonance.  This happens with the methodical practices of relaxation and meditation, and guidance on daily lifestyle.


In SYCG’s Yoga for PCOS programmes, participants can expect the following positive results,

based on evidence of women who have participated in the course before.


Reduction in hormonal imbalances


Regularization of menstrual cycles


Clearing up of acne, glowing skin


Reduction on pre-menstrual cramps and pain





Higher levels of energy


Fitness, strength, stamina, flexibility


Reduction in mood swings, anxiety, stress


Weight loss (if you are overweight) and inch loss


Better overall health


The PCOS reversal course is taught by certified and expert yoga teachers and staff of SYCG and mentored by the Director, Arun Pandala.

Many senior volunteer teachers at SYCG mentor each of the participant during the course on a regular basis. 

Ramalpreet Kaur

"I am Ramalpreet, a full time dental practitioner and a homemaker. Last month my four-monthly follow up of blood reports and USG confirmed that my PCOS has been treated. I have all the more reasons to believe and as Arun Sir affirms that Sivananda style of yoga reverses all diseases.

I got diagnosed with PCOD in June 2015.

With my firm belief and past experiences with yoga at SYCG, I Joined the SYCG PCOS programme on 16 August 2015.

So I did the regular yoga class at the Centre (3-4 times a week).

I consciously did a lot of stress management on all fronts of life. Took help and did not hesitate to open myself up to seek solutions, as PCOD has a lot to do with stress too. I enjoy my yoga class as it brings me closer to myself and makes me highly aware of my being. It relaxes me even after a hectic day of work. I come out happier and feeling more energetic."


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