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Ayurveda Wellness Course



1: General Introduction

Ayurveda in past and present, Clinical branches of Ayurveda

2: Fundamental of Ayurveda-I

    Panchamahabhut, Tridosh, Dhatu, Mala

 3: Prakriti

 Understanding the human constitution and Its practical application

 4: Concept of Agni

           Understanding the Process of Digestion and metabolism

 5: Ayurvedic Nutrition

           Six types of Taste: Shadrasa

 6: Causes of health and disease

     Aahar, Nidra, Brahmcharya, Asatmendriyarth Samyoga, Pragyapradha, Parinama

 7: Preventive health care

     Dincharya, Ritucharya

 8: Methods of diagnosis in Ayurveda

Trividha and Ashtvidha pariksha

 9: Common Methods of treatment in Ayurveda

Yuktivyapashrya, Daivavyapashrya, Satwavjaya, Langhana, Pachana,      Doshavsechana, Herbs, Minerals

10: Specialized treatment methods in Ayurveda

     Panchkarma , Kshara karma, Agni karma, Raktamokshana

This is an introduction to Ayurveda, India's gift of health, healing and longevity to the whole world.

This course is a window to the vast arena of traditional knowledge that exists, about living habits, diet, exercise, personal and social etiquette, diseases, medicine, home remedies, cleansing and treatments, immunity and a happy, healthy life.


1. You will have an understanding of another and authentic system of medicine, which may be used by you and your family as and when required.

2. Ayurveda has wonderful and clear guidelines on prevention of diseases and cultivation of health. this is good to learn.

3. In the modern context, when all of us who are health conscious, and want to know about diet, the Ayurvedic approach to diet is also very specific, clear, and of course, vast. It is good to know about food, as medicine, and its role in everyday health. In fact, the Ayurveda way is not a gimmick, or a fad. This is a medical approach to diet and eating and eating habits, which keeps a person mentally, physically and spiritually fit.

4. Learning about Ayurvedic remedies can help everyone because of the non-invasive nature - the principles of Ayurveda are principles of health and can be applied by you for anyone in the family, or among your friends. A lot of people, in addition to yourself, can benefit.

5. This is India's traditional knowledge it is ours to own and to use, and to spread. you can be a proud inheritor to the legacy and help to carry it forward.

6. Ayurveda is a wonderful companion to all those who practice yoga. These are two sides of the same coin. They complete each other. Sometimes yoga helps, sometimes Ayurveda, sometimes both, in achieving perfect health!

7. If you are undergoing any modern or alternative therapy for chronic illness, this course can help you understand and possibly connect with proper Ayurvedic treatment and find a sustainable and permanent cure.

For details and registration 

 +91 9818990014, 9878445850

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