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The Sun is supposed to be the deity for health and long life. The genius of the Indian Sage has, in the Surya Namaskar practice, evolved a unique method of effecting perfect synthesis of culture of body, mind and spirit. 

Surya Namaskar is a combined process of yoga Asanas and Pranayama (yogic postures and regulated breathing).

Raising the heat in the body (Ushnam), and sweating to get rid of toxins (Kriya), is an age old method of raising the body’s immunity and fortifying it against unwanted attacks.

In addition to this, an appropriate cardio vascular and aerobic conditioning is important to keep the heart and lungs healthy and resilient. During Surya Namaskar, the heart pumps harder, increasing its strength, stamina and vitality. The lungs also work harder, and become stronger and more efficient. The blood circulation helps with improved body function, including the nerves, muscles, digestion and the endocrine system. Tamas (inertia and heaviness) is removed and the body and mind experience Sattva (a state of purity, balance and steadiness).

We will begin with a few rounds and gradually step up to attempt 108 times (one Mala), or 54 rounds of Surya Namaskar on the last day. As you complete the Mala, you will experience joy and satisfaction, and a surge of confidence that, yes, you could do it!

Along with the practice, learn the theory behind this wonderful science, some corrections, and improvements, and benefits of each of the 12 postures, and learn the 12 names of The Sun God (Surya Mantras). 


Come, discover a yogic method of improving your health, well-being and fitness. Suitable for beginners as well as those familiar with the practice, to deepen their understanding of Surya Namaskar spiritually. 

Please call for  fee and other details.  

Vishakha 9818990014

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