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Post-Natal Yoga Programme

postnatal programme

The most precious thing has happened. 
A life has been born. 
As the days and weeks pass, you don’t know whether to laugh (looking at the baby’s antics) or to cry (when the baby wakes you in the middle of the night and won’t go back to sleep), to dance with joy (when the baby giggles at you), or pull your hair out (when the baby screams for 15 minutes at a stretch!).
The stress is always there, combined with this voice which is telling you that you need to get back to fitness. You feel out of shape literally.
We are delighted to introduce a post-natal yoga programme to help you get back on track. To get connected once more to the pre-natal days of happy yoga and happy pregnancy. Now, with the baby, and the busy-ness that comes with it, the post natal programme will help you get your stamina, energy, flexibility, mental balance and body back under control.
Lose weight, avoid post-partum emotional imbalances, and get some much needed routine and discipline.
The Sivananda Post-natal Yoga programme for young mothers.​

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