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Introduction to CHAKRAS

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What is the ancient science of chakras all about?

How do chakras affect our health and our life?

What is the correlation between the chakras and our endocrine and nervous systems?

Can we channelize energy by practicing chakra meditation?

We are delighted to announce a unique course, to understand the practical benefits of harnessing the power behind the chakras. 

The course amalgamates the theory and knowledge of pranayama and meditation, using chakras as a tool, and explains the deep, underlying and amazing benefits.

We will explore each chakra, with its associated meanings, symbols, colours and mantras. 

We will develop a foundation skill of how to use chakras.

And we will enjoy the profound wisdom realized by yogis of yore, and how they created this wonderful experience for future generations of human beings.

The science of chakras, for daily life.

Come, try out something profound and timeless.

Heal yourself. find peace. explore happiness.

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