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8.00 - 9.00 am : Monday to Friday

8.00 - 9.30 am : Saturday and Sunday

Scorpion, Vrichikasana, balance, poise, concentration

Continuing an unbroken legacy of teaching yoga to people in Gurgaon for the past 16 years, and using the opportunity of a lock down of gatherings, we decided to use new media capability and our limited understanding of it, to continue to teach the Sivananda class every day. This is for our existing and past students, the entire Sivananda community, the practitioners of other forms of yoga, and for all those who need yoga and welcome it.

Do join us. It will be wonderful to have you practice in our class!

Have a safe practice at all times.


Some words of caution:

  • Unlike a face-to-face class at the centre, the teacher cannot supervise your practice, but you can see the teacher and listen to the instructions. So please be careful, and practice only if you are confident of practising unsupervised. Your health is in your own hands, and this tool, while it is meant to benefit you, should be used only with proper caution.

  • The best people to practice these live classes are those who are current members, or have come and practiced at the centre for two to three months at least and have also completed the beginner’s course. They would know the basics, and need less supervision during practice.

  • In case you have doubts or questions, or wish to discuss your practice, you can always call, or email, or message and we will address your topics directly.

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