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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin yoga at the Sivananda Yoga Centre, Gurgaon?

Can I do a trial class before deciding to take the membership?

You are welcome to attend ONE free trial class at any of our Centres, during any of our daily open class. 

To take a trial class, please arrive 30 minutes early. Keeping the 30 minutes margin helps you to find our Centre, to meet the teachers and staff, fill out a small form, and to settle down, before the class begins.

You can do your first free trial class on any day of the week.

How many trial classes can I attend?

Usually, one free trial class is sufficient for you to make up your mind about the quality and comfort provided by the Sivananda Yoga Centre, for yoga classes.

The free trial class can be availed only once. If you wish to try a class again or do a casual drop-in class, then you can pay a nominal fee for it. Please check with us when you call about the drop-in fee.

What is the membership fees?

We have a range of fees, including monthly, quarterly, six months and annual, family, teenage and drop-in.

Please speak to our teachers at the desk or call the Centre Heads for membership fee details. The contact numbers of our Centre Heads are available on this website.

Is there a discount on membership fee if I join with my family or friends?

Yes, there is a discount on membership fee if you join with your spouse, or with your children. It is called family membership. There is no discount available if you join with a friend, or in-laws, or cousins. For details please speak to the teachers at the desk or the respective Centre Heads.

How can I pay the membership fees?

You can pay by cash or cheque or bank transfer.

If I take a membership but am not be able to practice for some time due to travel/other reasons,  will my membership dates be adjusted?

No, we do not adjust the membership dates for any reason whatsoever.

Are these group classes? How many people in a class and will I get enough attention in the classes?

All classes at the Sivananda centre are group classes. The number of people in a class varies a lot according to the season, according to the time of the day and according to people’s commitments. Usually, there are anywhere between 5 and 20 people on an average in every class.

Many people are worried about not getting enough personal attention. This is because adults in a modern city are used to modern education and training methods, and are not very clear about how learning occurs in a Gurukula system. Here is a different way of approaching the group class.

  1. Usually, there is enough time before and after every class to clarify doubts and also to correct postures and breathing practices, one-to-one with the teachers.

  2. We also recommend that you attend a Beginner’s course as quickly as possible. In the Beginner’s course, you will be in a group of other beginners like yourself. You get to ask questions, there is demonstration of correct and incorrect way of practice, and so on.

  3. Since the Sivananda class is repetitive, over a few days, you get used to the practice and most initial doubts of personal attention drops away.

  4. You can be on the phone, and personal contact with the Centre Heads and also the Directors of the Centre, for any help and support and improvement of your practice.

  5. Group classes also help to inspire you, because you see people like yourself, people who are better and people who are worse than you at the practice. The group elevates and improves your practice like nothing else.

  6. Since yoga is led by deep, underlying principles, it works on the person, not on a particular area of the body or attacks a particular disease. Yoga is holistic, and it works for you and for everyone equally, helping you to peak health, and helping the next person also achieve the same.

I have specific requirements/issues for which I want to join yoga. Any specific yoga will be taught to me separately?

As mentioned above, yoga is holistic, generic. It will help you in your specific condition, but no specific yoga will be taught for any specific medical condition. The Sivananda class, while being therapeutic, is not designed in any way to cure specific medical conditions. That kind of treatment is best addressed by a medical doctor, not a yoga class.

However, what you can hope to get, by practicing Sivananda yoga regularly, is the following –

  • Better immunity

  • Reduction of pain and stiffness

  • Reduced stress, calm mind, mental, emotional and physical balance

  • Better sleep

  • Better muscle tone, and loss of excess weight

  • Higher levels of energy and enthusiasm

  • Improved overall health in all parameters, including blood pressure, blood sugar, bone density, endocrine function (including the most commonly troubled thyroid malfunction), digestion (acidity, gas, constipation, indigestion), breathing disorders

  • Improvement in chronic medical conditions

I am not flexible / I have never done yoga before. How can I practice with others in a group class?

Anyone, even without any prior experience of yoga can join and practice in our daily open classes. It does not matter if you are a beginner or have practicing yoga for years. Since the class is repetitive, it is easy for someone who has physical limitations, someone older, or someone with limited fitness to begin and continue. It is the same class, with the same content, which we teach every day, in every class, over and over again. A regular practice helps to dramatically improve flexibility and fitness. Usually you can see yourself improve in just a matter of a few days, and in about three months, you will feel like a new person, full of energy, vitality, stamina, strength and improved flexibility.

What is a Beginner’s course? Is it mandatory to attend even if I have practiced yoga earlier?

A Beginner’s course is a set of four classes which explains the basic Sivananda practice in detail. The Sivananda class, its benefits, the five points of yoga, the reasons for the particular system and sequence, the incorrect and correct way of practice – all of this is explained in detail. There is demonstration of postures, explanation of how to practice asana and pranayama, and questions and answers. The course also provides an overview of the Sivananda lineage and the history of the Sivananda yoga centres across the world. Some basic theory and simple ways to imbibe yogic principles into our daily lives is also explained.

Yes, the four classes of the Beginner’s course are mandatory for every student joining the Centre for the first time, with or without prior experience of yoga. It is possible that you have practiced other forms of yoga, and you may also be very experienced in those styles. However, in the Sivananda centre, we follow a specific tradition with certain systems and practices, and it is important for all new members to understand the significance of what is practiced. In case you miss a class, it is recommended that you attend another and complete Beginner's course of four classes again.

Do I have to first join a Beginner's course, and then join the regular classes?

You do not have to wait to complete a Beginner's course before joining regular classes. There may not be a Beginner's course available when you join. You can in the meanwhile join the daily classes and start your practice and attend the next available Beginner’s course. The schedule and venue for the Beginner’s courses are announced at the beginning of every month on our website and across all Centres. You can attend the one which is most convenient for you.

Can I just attend the Beginner’s course instead of taking membership of regular classes?

We do not recommend this as you do not get the flow and sequence in your practice with just attending a Beginner's course. At least three months of practice at the Centre after completion of a Beginner's course is recommended to see the benefits of the class and also to be able to practice on your own.

Which of the seven SYCG Centres can I practice in?

There is a combined membership for DLF Phase2, South City 1 and Sector 15. If you take membership in any one of these centres, you can also do classes in Sector 21 and Sector 12. If you take membership in South City 2 (Grand) and DLF Phase 1 (Silver) you can practice in all other centres. 

Do I have to attend any particular batch? How many classes can I attend?

You can come to any open class, any time, every day, without restrictions. We do not follow a batch system, or offer limited classes for your membership. You must come to the timings which are scheduled, that is all. The schedule is given on the website. You can mix and match the timings for your best convenience. If you join with your spouse, both of you can come together, and you can also come to classes separately. It is flexible.

How can I practice advanced yoga asana/postures?

Currently, we have four advanced yoga classes - on Wednesday 10:00 am to 12:00 noon, in the Centre in South City 1, on Monday from 7:00 to 8:30 pm in DLF Phase 2, on Wednesday from 7:00 to 8.30 pm in Sector 21, and on Sunday from 8:00 - 9:30 am in DLF Phase 1. We also conduct special asana and pranayama courses, take people away on yoga retreats, and conduct an internationally recognised yoga teachers' training course, as well as an advanced yoga teachers' training . These are announced from time to time, and help in advancing your yoga practice.

What kind of Yoga do you teach in your classes? Can you explain?

We teach Sivananda Yoga, a traditional, authentic and systematic form of Yoga which is easy to understand and sustain. It fits very well into your modern day busy life schedule. The detailed explanation is on this website. You can study more carefully the information about the content of the class on the website. The Sivananda class is basically two breathing practices, plus the surya namaskar, followed by 12 basic asanas or postures. It is usually offered in a 60 or 90 minutes format, and offered in exactly the same pattern, class after class. The emphasis in the Sivananda class is basically good all round exercise, correct and good breathing and proper and deep relaxation.

Is it the same class over and over again?

The Sivananda class is a system which has been successfully taught and practiced all over the world, in many different situations, with people of all backgrounds and ages, and for over 60 years. It is by and large, the same class taught over and over again, with some minor variations.

Swami Vishnudevananda, who revolutionized the practice of yoga all over the world between 1957 and 1993, created a standardized class structure. The promise is that its regular practice takes care of your complete well-being.

Who will be teaching these classes?

We have many teachers teaching across all the Centres. All the teachers have successfully completed an internationally recognized training of 200 hours, and many have also further undertaken an additional 300 hours training. Under the guidance of senior teachers over the years, all are highly trained and certified teachers who are good at taking care of people, and handle the classes with great sensitivity and understanding.

I have a bad back/ cervical spondylosis / a (medical) condition. Can I practice yoga?

Yoga benefits everyone, no matter what fitness level, age or medical issue. However, if you have had a chronic issue for a long time, you have maybe had surgery, or have a terminal illness, please speak to Acharya and Director of SYCG, Arun Pandala on 9810645850, before coming to a class. In case it is not a serious condition, you can also talk to our teachers at the Centre just before a class and they will take care of you.

Please do remember that if you have serious concerns about your health, then it is always good to check with your doctor first, before starting with yoga.

Will these classes help me to lose weight?

The Sivananda class has a daily programme for good health, it is not a weight loss class. However if you practice regularly for 2-3 months at the centre, you will see a change in your weight. We offer a special weight loss programme which is focussed on exercise, and modification in eating habits and lifestyle changes in context to losing weight specifically. Please check with the teacher at the desk or on our website for the next available course.

Can you introduce/change/add/ modify class timings, schedule?

Thank you for your suggestion. We will keep it in mind. Class schedules are drawn with an intention to allow maximum number of people to find suitable timings. We draw from our last 15 years of running centres yet are always open to change if it works better for our members.

How much should be the gap between my last meal and practice class?

You should keep a minimum gap of three hours, if not more, between a heavy meal and your practice class. A small cup of tea or a biscuit should be a botheration, however.

How often should I practice yoga?

Yoga is a way of life and yoga practice should be part of your everyday routine. Having said that, choose a schedule and class frequency that is conducive to sustainable practice. We suggest 4-5 classes a week on regular basis will ensure good health and bring the difference that you are seeking.

Why is the membership fee different across Centres?

This is a policy adopted by the Sivananda Centre in Gurgaon to help in its best functioning, and optimal efficiency. Some places have a higher cost of operation and can accommodate lesser paying members. This puts a strain on the Centre resources. In order to reduce the impact of the higher fee in some centres, we offer a combined membership, a family membership and also a longer than one month membership, to help members get more out of the money you are paying for classes. Ask us for the best options and we will work it out for you, for sure.

Do I need to carry anything with me for my first class?

Just wear something comfortable in which you can stretch. We have mats available at the Centre. However, for the purpose of hygiene and better cushion you are advised to bring your own mat. You can purchase a mat from the Centre as well.

Does the membership date start from the date of starting practice or from the 1st of every month?

The membership starts from the day you start practicing at the Centre.

Do you do private classes? Can a teacher come to our house?

Yes, we do teach people at home. However we encourage you to come to the at the Centre. There are many benefits, and is also much cheaper, in practicing at the Centre. For more details please speak to the Directors.

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