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Because prevention is better than cure;

Because without doubt, health is better than sickness;

Because it is definitely better to be safe than to be sorry;

And because protection is in these times is all that we seek, nothing else;


Therefore, we can invest our energy and efforts in improving our health and emotional well-being.

We can develop confidence.

We can dissolve the fear and anxiety.

We can find a solution to the trapped feeling, and the worry about so many unprecedented things that now confront us.


We can create the physical and emotional security that we all desperately need.

Let us do some yoga and yogic practices together, to feel better.

I am delighted to announce a yoga course on improving immunity, which includes the following -

·         Pranayama for immunity and mental balance

·         Asana practice to stimulate the immune function, and improve the vitality of every organ and therefore the whole body

·         Kriyas – cleansing methods to detoxify the mind body system, and make it resilient to disease

·         The right kind of diet, and dietary habits for making the body like a fortress against sickness

·         The habits that will lead us away from harm, and make us shine and glow in the darkness that surrounds us

·         The many techniques of relaxation, meditation and mindfulness, to reduce stress, the main factor causing the broken walls of immunity

I am delighted to take you through a journey of learning yoga practices that will help us improve our health in this particularly difficult time, when we all feel so helpless and challenged by an unknown and unknowable virus.

Together we can do something positive, while we wait for things to get better. It will help us and help our families, not just now, but for all times to come.

Call Arun for details

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