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Teacher's intensive 

teachers intensive

This course is meant for all Sivananda TTC and ATTC graduates, whether actively teaching or not.

It is a recognition of your desire and interest to practice at a level which goes beyond the many people who attend classes every day at the Sivananda Centres.

The Teachers' Intensive is brought to you by the Sivananda Yoga Teachers' Academy, which was set up on 1 October 2013, to connect TTC and ATTC graduates with one another, with the energy and inspiration of TTC life.

The Academy answers the often asked questions - what after TTC? How do I maintain the TTC level practice? Can we have some special classes and workshops for teachers?

The answer is yes, the answer is yes, we must plug in more often to the TTC experience, and one of the answers is the Teachers' Intensive course.

In the course, we will have 8 classes, two times a week, spread over a month almost.

The classes will be taught by senior teachers, according to a planned course guide.

The benefits of attending the course are as follows –

1.      Better flexibility, strength and stamina, provided by two hour classes, consistent practice three times a week, and focussing on each of these three aspects specifically.

2.      Spend time mastering the challengers - headstand, scorpion, handstand, full split, peacock, crow and its variations, you name it and we will work on it together.

3.      A motivated and fun group of TTC peers - what better than to practice with this mature, understanding set of friends, who have done similar sadhana before.

4.      Combined with your other daily practices, and attention to diet and lifestyle, get super fit in just one month - shed some excess weight, get toned, prepare for your other engagements like running the marathon, attending those weddings, fitting into certain clothes, et al.

5.      Learn (or improve upon) the art of making adjustments and corrections, how to teach (or teach even better), in the company of senior teachers and practitioners.

6.      Get a great workout for a month, enjoying some wonderful yoga classes, designed and meant for you.

7.      The classes are TTC and ATTC level classes, but it is not an advanced course. Just like the TTC, the momentum will be built over the initial classes, so anyone, even without much practice can come to the course.

Please call for fee and other details. 

Arun 9810645850

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