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Saatvik Cooking 

cooking workshop august 2019 with fee ne

Proper diet is one of the five points of yoga, as explained by
Swami Vishnudevananda.

The concept of health, from the point of view of yoga, is different from other approaches. 

Food, according to yoga, plays a very important part in the cultivation of health.

And, we, in India, have a long-standing tradition of cooking for health.

Combining these two views, we have created a "food-for-health" project.

The uniqueness about the food is that it is low on calories (and minimal oil), prepared with ingredients carefully chosen and combined, and it is great on taste.

it is hoped that, as people get more and more health conscious, food will play a major role in their homes and work places, as something they want to have control over.

It is our intention that we also hold cooking workshops, create some educational videos, and also create a saatvik, healthy cooking cookbook, in the future.

We will hopefully be able to rope in other elderly women from other parts of the country to join the project. This will add to the menu, and bring in many more flavours and colours, spice and taste.  

All of it is focused on giving people access to traditional food, presented in a modern way.

Please call for details.  

Dyutima 9811855855

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