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The Great Escape
Sivananda yoga short holidays - senior citizen friendly


Yoga is a vast science. The practice of asanas, or postures, is the most commonly understood, but only one aspect of yoga.

Yoga is meant to give your life a boost, develop positive thinking, radiant health and inner peace through the practice of ancient techniques for balanced living. It is designed to help you develop a strong practice which can be incorporated back into your daily life at home.

A Yoga Retreat for our seniors is meant to help them unwind in the company of those similar in age. We have a relaxing and rejuvenating schedule planned out for them. There will be some adapted yoga practices – simple asanas, gentle breathing exercises, meditation, satsang and kirtan, strolls around the beautiful premises of Zorba, and wonderful food.

Those who cannot sit on the ground we will provide comfortable chairs. If anyone feels tired (quite unlikely!) we will let them take rest in the room.

There will be time for story-telling and swapping of stories.

The idea is to give our seniors a break, a holiday and some wonderful yogic experience.

Whether they have done some yoga or not, the yoga retreat is for anyone and everyone, who is over 60 years of age.

Those who are younger can also participate.

No prior experience is required.

Golden Retreat. For those who have looked after us. Our greatest well-wishers and caretakers. A time and an opportunity for a return gift!

The weekend retreat, while being a wonderful holiday, offers a profound personal experience and builds a firm foundation of inner discipline. 


Vishakha 9818990014, Deeksha 9818865306, Arun 9810645850

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