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The Champions of 2020

Cometh the hour, cometh the warriors

As the doors started to close around us in March 2020, a magnificent group of people took over the responsibility of online teaching and supervision of yoga classes. From 20 March, just four days after we shut down our onsite classes, and six days before India went into lockdown, Sivananda Yoga Centre, Gurgaon morphed into an instantly-accessible, click-the-button, cutting-across-geographies entity.

It all happened quickly, without fuss, and thoroughly. And it happened due to the voluntary, silent, flexible, committed, ever-present, caring, accountable, ever-willing, ever-learning, ever-giving attitude of teachers and staff of SYCG.

Here are some of them, who have supported SYCG in teaching more than 1000 classes in 9 months, and in bringing yoga to more than 30,000 people, including you, during the pandemic. Sometimes, especially when the panic was at its highest, every one of them showed exemplary courage in stepping out of the safety of home, to go to the Centre to teach a live class or be a student on camera. At other times, the family became the bunny, the available student on the mat for the day.

Gratitude to you, the Champions of SYCG 2020. Everyone who came to class in 2020, and who will come in the time to come, owes you and your families for keeping the spirit and practice of yoga alive during an unprecedented time.

You have inspired, and you have made a difference, in the lives of thousands of people.

You will be remembered.

Thank you.

May peace and health be with you.

Arun (with Deeksha)

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