Yoga, personal protocols, and making a difference

(The impatient reader can skip the lengthy philosophical introduction and go directly to the first 7 of the 21 point agenda!)


Every now and then, in a 50 or 100 or 500 or 1000 year span, we are given a chance to make a difference.

It is now or never.

It is beyond anything logical or rational or within our ability to comprehend.

There comes a time, so rare, but it does come, when our intuition must guide us at the fork in the path.

It is a date with destiny.

And that time is now.

We can all make a difference, each one of us.

We can save ourselves, save our families, save our communities and save the human race.

It is that time, and it is upon us.

A once in 1000 year time.

While we, all of India, all w...

It seems like a World War out there, but it is not people of some countries fighting people of other countries, and there are no bombs or guns, no fighter aircraft, no trenches. It is the whole of the terrified human population fighting an invisible, silent, microscopic virus.

At every level we are being tested like never before, and nations are locking themselves down to shut out the spread of the disease.

Human beings have been around for thousands of years, and fought and survived incredibly difficult circumstances. They have thrived, in spite of, maybe because of those difficult times.​

Yoga and Ayurveda and traditional sciences are testimonials to man’s wisdom collected over so many experiences over the millennia.  They cull out the essential...

Everything cannot be explained. Or expressed. ​​

It can only be experienced.

Ever since I started practicing yoga at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Delhi, I have felt the hidden hand of a guru holding mine, and walking me through the minefield of life.

We have different words for something like this.

I could call it luck, which brought me to this kind of yoga practice.

Sometimes I would call it destiny.

At other times I would say it is instinctive wisdom, or an inherent fear, or some pain and stress which made me find the Sivananda Centre.

To be honest, I do not really know how I started practicing this special brand of yoga, how I became a Sivananda teacher, and how I spent all this time doing just one kind of sadhana, doing just one form exe...

  • Yoga is an ancient Indian science which is thousands of years old.​​

  • In the modern world, yoga is understood as the practice of gentle exercise Asana and breathing techniques Pranayama .

  • However there are many different paths of yoga, and many different schools and interpretations of yoga.

  • The four main paths, usually followed by a majority of people, are Raja yoga, Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga and Jyana yoga.

  • All yoga practices have the same goal or destination, the discovery and fulfillment of the human potential.

  • Raja yoga consists of Hatha yoga, or cultural practices, and Raja yoga, the practices that lead to meditation and super consciousness.

  • Dhyana, or meditation and Samadhi or super consciousness is the essen...

An exciting world waiting to be explored

Much has been written, discussed, debated and analyzed about yoga, and more specifically about Asana.

This is not surprising, since yoga has been around for a long time, (it is said, for a few thousand years) and what is more, it has survived, and thrived.

(That is some customer satisfaction and product longevity. But let us keep the story of the continued survival and success of yoga over the ages for another blog, for another day.)

(There is also ample mythology, mystery, magic and mysticism, some rumours, quite a few wild claims, many misunderstandings, and much clear evidence of Asana being the be all and end all of health and well being. And that story, also, for another day!)

Asana practice is the most v...

The magic, the simplicity, the addiction, the system, the method, the people, the knowledge, the behind-the-scenes look at a 70 year old yoga tradition

In 1992, beaten and bruised by a perfectly harmless, and ordinary city life, I arrived at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Nataraja Centre, in East of Kailash in New Delhi. I was led there by the wisdom, the kindness, the enormous vision, and the love of my late father. He was five-foot-something-giant of a human being, a true leader, who, invisible himself, created possibilities for others to thrive. He was someone who participated actively in the creation of a happy family and community through discipline, hard and tireless work, ethics, boundless energy, high morals, self-pride, humility, sharing and...

A monograph of musings on health, and how, awareness and education can bring health into our lives forever.

“Health is wealth. Peace of mind is happiness. Yoga shows the way”.

Read on to find out how.

It is a long time since I needed medical attention.

We set up the Sivananda Yoga Centre, Gurgaon in April 2004, Deeksha and I.

This is October 2016.

In a highly hostile and polluted environment, in an unknown arena called yoga, and therefore requiring extraordinary efforts, and highly stressful, I have spent the last twelve years working on shoestrings of money, time and sleep.

Yet, at 56, I do not take any medicine, I have not taken a day off from work since 2004 because of sickness, and I have just extended my health record to nearly 27 years, since I s...

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Yoga shows the way

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